Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mmm Presents from Amazon

No really I paid for all this swag.  Of course who doesn't? Actually, I am sure plenty don't! 

Anyways,  I figure since I bought all these beautiful products...  Why not share my experience!!

Here we have Disney Cars 2!  I haven't seen it which I am sure most of you have!  We didn't get to see in at the theaters because it was either inconvenient at the time, my now 2 year old doesn't sit still, or it just went unnoticed somehow?  Who knows.  When it came out on Blu Ray well...  The price didn't really want to come down until right after the holidays!  Go figure!

But I do love my Amazon Prime Membership!  I got some other goodies!  Like The Chantal pie dish in this color green to match my kitchen!!  I was making these Shepherd Pie's and realized if I wanted to set them on my table and look lovely all I had were some beat up tins.  Not really Suzy Homemaker there is that?  And my cake/pie server was barely anything to brag about so I went looking, of course I thought I should get a green one...  But they were all kind of tacky and I settled with this Browne-Halco server in White.  It seems pretty industrious and purposeful.

The ankle weights are all part of working on my backside and getting some lift!  What Momma doesn't need some lift and toning!  I have some moves to work on, and perhaps on a quick run/walk I might strap them on!  The possibilities are endless!! 

Next up is the Rembrandt products!  One is the 2 hr whitening, and the other is deep whitening mouthwash.  I like the smaller size for the mouthwash instead of the big bulky bottles or the travel size.  They all look pretty tacky either way and this container is kind of cute and I might be able to leave it on the counter once or twice!  I might be more inclined to use the mouthwash if it is in reach easily!  I don't know about you but all my cabinets are heavily child proofed and well maybe I am lazy!!??  And with the 2 hr whitening?  Well the price was good, and Crest strips are kind of annoying, and I have been indulging in too much coffee this holiday season...  I enjoy my pearly whites!

Last but not least is the Philips goLite Blu, which personally I have the most highest of hopes for!  45 day money back guarantee, except I need 14 days for it to start working...   This do hickey is supposed to fight SAD :(  Nah seasonal depression.  I figure I could of really used this whilst living in England with the rain and dreary days but...  Anyways the UV free light is supposed to mimic the sun and increase my energy levels by 70 percent!  I mean wow maybe no more coffee needed!  Hah!

So I am really hopeful for each of these products to completely wow and bowl me over!  I will update with successes and failures!!  And look out for more products as I am still enamored with using Amazon prime like 2012 is going to end!  (But it isn't) 

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